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i miss steve <33

I sooooo luv my new layout! was made by stargazerlily05....and i think its jus the news...steve text me and he said, "i'm leavin on monday and it costs alot to call anyone but i wanted to let you know that i can't stop thinkin about you", that just made my whole day perfect!! <333 i can't wait to see him!...i have missed him
some cds i'm think bout pickin up :
3/29/05 - theory of a deadman, gasoline
4/05/05 - hot hot heat, elevator
5/10/05 - team sleep, team sleep

lately i have been thinkin...after easter break and prom everything will start goin downhill, and i don't mean in a bad way like things will start goin by either really slow or really fast and thats kinda sad...i can't bealieve were almost done only like 1 and a half months till graduation... :(..i luv u guys
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