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hmmm, alot has been goin on lately, just got done watching oprah (luv her!) today she had on the cast of seinfeld (luv that show)...steve is finaly home! the night before last we hung out and on the way home he said he was falling for me and i was like ummm k :/...remind u all we have only been going out for a little over a month, i've talked to lacey bout this and she goes there is no time limit on love, that really didn't help much, then last night he kept textin me n when i told him that id talk to him later, bye, i sent him a heart like this - <3 - just to be cute, funny, u know...then he text me back n said i love you too...and i don't think (i know) that i don't love him quite yet...yes i'm happy to be w/ him and all that good stuff but i got really wiered out and now i don't know what to say to him so i think i'm askin for some advice...i just don't want to make him feel bad were hagin out tonight n i think if he says that he loves me im going to say to him to be sure cuz i don't want u to throw those words around just becuz thats what u think i want to hear...

in other news, my cousin n his wife still havn't found out what the sex of their new baby is yet....but if its a girl their thinking of nameing it either helena, or helaina...(yes thats right), and if its a nother boy paul...i want it to be another boy, i just love boys...

i got a new purse from ae, it was $24 but it was on sale for like 15 n its soooo cute...its a lot bigger than i usually carry but its orange and it has tropical flowers all over and some of the flowers are done in orange sequence

there are a ton of great movies opening up lately, i really wanna go c, sin city, guess who, the upside of anger...and spanglish is comin to dvd soon i really wanna rent that (i love adam sandler)...well thats enough for today...
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