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its so hot today its like supposed to be 83 and can i enjoy this day no, why because i have play pract from 730 - 10 or 10:30 i hate it!!!! oh well only like three more days until were done with it....stev is gonna start comin to practices maybe so maybe they wont be as bad if hes there....if he don't come to our pract then i'll jus see him at the play....lacey is havin problems w/ mike and thats all i'm sayin cuz i know that certain people look at these...MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!! for my birthday lacey is gonna do my hair, and she is also takin me to get my belly button peirced (brian don't tell mom i plan on showin her when i get it done, i got more holes in my ears and she noticed and didn't seem to mind so i will tell her/ show her in my onw time) i can't wait i'm sooo excited.....don't know what else to write so peace biotches! <333 :^)
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