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i am like in the best of all moods......and i owe it all to my best friend lacey!!!! i luv u lacey!!!!.......hehe......thanx to her me and steve are hooked up......he's sooo funny...and i think thats important.....i luv it when u make me laugh.....i luv his big blue eyes......i'm soo happy that i found sum 1 that i can call mine and not worry bout whats gonna happen next....nothin could ruin this good mood if mine.....and everyone gets to c n meet him on sat. at sadies!!!!!..... *sigh* <3 steve <3....well thats all for now l8r t8rs!!!!........<333 i luv u all!!!!!

your eyes were covered
in sunglasses
when they first met mine
i sat there and stared at you
you didn't seem to mind
the awkward ways we meet
first comes heavy breathing
staring at the cieling
what will happen next i don't wanna know
i never cared how i dressed bfeore
but i cared that night
anticipation ran through my bones
and my clothes never fit right
i can't wait till we meet again
framed pictures start to be put on the walls
constant visits while
i'm out on the road
its hard to leave sometimes
but you know where i lay my head at night......
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congrats. though, if you keep fucking up simple stuff like coming home on time, [by 4 hours no less] im gonna stop standing up for you to mom about stuff =p