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i'm sooo happy that its finally friday!!!!!:D.....i've seen steve like four times this week, but he left thursday and isn't comin back till sunday...he's in hillsdale visiting his was soooo cute wut he did when he took me home from play practice....he played his favorite slow country song for me in the car...and i thought that he was jus tryin to show me where he says this on line from all the time and it happened to be from this ways...i got home and i called him back and he was like do u know y i played that song, like who it was for...n i was like no, i don't know...he was like it was for was supposed to help me tell u how i feel bout u....cuz sometimes i can't figure out wut to say.....i was like awwwww......that was really cute....n i was like now u r gonna be gone for four days and i can't tell u thank u in person n he was like u can on sunday when i c u.....n i was like k....yeah so basically this whole entry is about well....he makes me sooooo happy....:D...i can't wait to c him on sunday!!!!

other brother still hasn't heard ne word on his car (well i guess its goin to be totaled so he needs to get a new car, i told him about jo wienclaw sellin his truck for like 8000 and its a '02 or somethin)....he relly needs to get a new car cuz i need to practice my driving w/ the jeep......
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