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Ihave always been a little shy
i've always been the quiet type till now
and I never let my feelings show
I never let anybody know
just how much I was so deep in love
but now that you're in my arms
i'm gonna stand on a rofftop, climb up a mountaintop
baby, scream and shout
i wanna sing it on the radio, show it on a video
baby, leave no doubt
i want the whole world to know just what i'm all about
i love to love you out loud
You keep bringing out the free in me
what you do to my heart just makes me melt
and i don't think i can resist
but i've never been one to kiss and tell
a love this true can't be subdued
so i'm gonna let out a yell
baby, i love to love you out loud
yeah, i love to love you out loud...
~ Rascal Flatts - "love you out loud"

I HATE TAKIN THESE STUPID MEAP TESTS!!!! thats all were doin for the week and they r soooo boring, y r we required to take them??....MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 11 DAYS!!! YAHOO FOR MY 18TH!!! LOL well i don't really have n e thing 2 talk about so later biotches! <33
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