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havn't updated in a very long time! lol so heres wuts beem goin on, steve and i no longer are together, out of the six long months we were together the last 2 months everythjing seemed like it was falling apart, we grew apart, he didn't get along w/ my mom and it just didn't seem to work anymore. I finally got a job, i work at mcdonnalds on Fort n Goddard, at first i was kinda embaressed where i worked but after i got my 1st paycheck i don't care cuz i'm bringin home the bacon! lol i like the people that i work w/ they are all really nice and easy to talk to n get along w/ i hung out w/ this girl amanda and her boyfriend Justin "suds" and his best friend steve(how ironic) well steve is superhot like omg hes 6'3 hes got huge biceps, he graduated from riverwiew class of 04 and now he goes to ITT in canton....well ive been hangin out w/ him and we seemed to of hit it off and he met my mom he really likes my n she likes him alot so we'll see wut happens...

well i think thats all that has been goin on if i think of anything elese i'll keep ya posted!

<3 Kristen <3
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